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gel nail stickers
gel nail stickers

Bulk & Custom Nail Stickers, with Private Label Nail Wrap Options

● Omni-solutions customize nail designs, realizing your own top quality nail wraps.
● Multi options private label nail supplies make it easy to spread your brand.

Solutions for small and larger nail salons, nail retail stores, online nail shops, and any nail business. Whether a start up or developed nail business, Huizi is always here to assist.

HUIZI Gel Nail Wraps Manufacturer
HUIZI Factory Global Nail Products Manufacturing

Global Nail Wraps Manufacturer

Set Global Nail Wraps Manufacturers and Nail Stickers Suppliers as one, Huizi Nails excels in producing and providing the finest quality nail wraps, nail strips, nail stickers, and an array of other nail supplies to customers in the USA, Europe, Asia, and beyond.
Catering to your specific needs, whether it's custom nail wraps wholesale, individual custom nail wraps, bulk nail stickers, or private label nail wraps, Huizi Nails tailors its services to elevate your nail wrap business. With a global reach, Huizi Nails has proudly assisted clients in the nail industry across over 120 countries.
Suppliers of wholesale nail stickers, offering bulk options for nail stickers, along with personalized nail polish strips and custom gel nail stickers.

nail stickers wholesale
bulk nail stickers wholesale

New Technology & Precision Equipment on Nail Strip Designs

High standard quality for nail wraps supply, own R&D manicure research laboratory center to ensure nail sticker supplies quality and safety. Useing purified and non-pollution workshop production, nail wraps and nail supplies materials are non-toxic, eco-friendly. Huizi nails practices what you can trust.

Who We Are

World Leading Nail Sticker Manufacter

Huizi at a Glance
Wholesale Nail Stickers Supplier

● HUIZI is a professional nail wraps manufacturer & nail wrap supplier. With global intellectual property rights, focus on manufacturing top quality nail wraps for nail wraps wholesale and custom nail wraps over 12 years.

● With 4,000 square meters of production and purification factory, introduced many precision machines and processes for nail wraps production.

● Huizi offer min order wholesale nail wraps, wholesale nail polish strips, nail stickers, gel nail strips. High quality custom nail wraps, private label nail supplies one stop. Assits you start a nail wrap business, meet up with your nail business demand.

We Can For You

Wholesale Nail Wraps

One-stop MOQ & free samples for nail wraps wholesale & OEM solution.

Custom Nail Wraps

High quality & best price for custom nail wraps, custom nail art packaging. Customize your own nail wraps.

Private Label Nail Supplies

Private label nail wraps, private label nail polish strips, private label gel nails UV lamp, private label nail files.

HUIZI Nails Benefits to You

◉ Wide range of custom nail wraps wholesale more than 5,000 custom nail designs, for your nail business options.

◉ Handy nail wraps wholesale, custom nail wraps, private label nail wraps, custom nail art packaging, and mass production one-stop solution.

◉ Nail ingredients materials that are safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly, in line with top United States and the European Union global cosmetics standards.

◉ Save your time and money, by mass-producing nail wraps with no need for your production line.

◉ Superior air transport processes to make sure you hit your deadlines, while also saving money.

HUIZI Nail Wraps on Promise & Your Comfort

HUIZI Nail Wrap Supplier Approved Certifications

Testimonials From Nail Business Clients

Testimonials from HUIZI nail wraps manufacturer loyal clients C.E.O of Sticky Fingers Nail Wraps
We simply love working with Chris and HUIZI the experience has been amazing. We have created some beautiful custom designs and had fun along with way. Look at some of our amazing "Nailfies" from some of customers, from both HUIZI stock designs and our amazing customs designs.
LaTonya Johnson, C.E.O of Sticky Fingers Nail Wraps
HUIZI Cosmetics was and still are helpful and well-disposed. Regular product development, new designs, different sizes wraps – possibilities are huge and that is helping me to grow as business also.
I also like marketing materials they offer - information about wraps, new design alerts, holiday designs, videos about manufacturing, images etc. This is really helping me to build trust among my customers.
Riin Aas
The nail polish wraps are fast and easy to apply, last much longer than regular nail polish, require no drying time and are a breeze to remove. The best part's that customers do not need to be able to spend hours to make beautiful nail art.
The representatives at HUIZI are kind, honest and responsive. We have gotten to know one another over the years and it's my pleasure to work with such wonderful people.
With the birth of our brand, we have been searching high & low for a reasonable nail wraps manufacturer around the globe. Luckily, we came across HUIZI! Been working with HUIZI since 2021.
We're very grateful for HUIZI as they have been very helpful & understanding for small start-up owners like us. They have also given us a bit of insights of what the market is looking at which kind of built our confidence too.
I found HUIZI nails wraps and I’ve not looked back. I set up my own business sharing this amazing product with others.
HUIZI nail wraps manufacturer offer exceptional quality, thousands of designs with new ones being released all the time. The designs are beautiful and come in a range of finishes including; glitter, matte, metallic, shimmer, pearl, holographic, glow in the dark, and of course glossy. New releases keep up with what’s trending in the Nail community. HUIZI nail wraps manufacturer has excellent customer service and allow for exclusive custom designs too allowing you to stand out in the market.
By far HUIZI has the best quality and service. We only carry the HUIZI nail product line. It's the quality our customers have come to expect and can rely on. Huizi nail wraps last up to 7-10 days and is thicker than the others offering good support to your nails & providing additional strength.
Huizi does a great job of innovating new products that our customers will love. The seasonal selection is outstanding and has been thoroughly enjoyed by our clients. Vicky has been our rep since day one and has always been very responsive, shared new nail products.

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