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Newest Scary & Cute Halloween Nail Art Designs from huizi nail wraps manufacturer and  nail wraps supplier

Treat Nail Lover to Newest Scary & Cute Halloween Nail Art Designs


Still struggling to find the latest Halloween nail ideas and designs to satisfy nail lovers' DIY Halloween makeup?

Here HUIZI nail supplier supplies wholesale Halloween nails, custom Halloween nail art designs, and private label logo one-stop.

HUIZI collects Halloween nails including spiderwebs, ghosts, skeletons, witches, black cats, pumpkins, skulls, etc. Halloween ideas all-in-one. Stand out from Halloween makeup and Halloween nails. Eye-catching your nail customer. You can easily wholesale and custom nail art. Apart from this, we help you do private label to build your brand.

The following are the newest scary and cute Halloween nail art. It's definitely can catch your customer in the nail market.

01. Wholesale Glitter Nails Halloween Nails, Skulls and Flowers

💀Highlights worth a try:
• Sparkling glitter sprinkles on each finger nail polish strips.
• Sweet and colourful pink flowers mix perfectly with the bones and skulls.
• It's a sweet and cute Halloween nail art design. The skulls are super cool!


02. Wholesale Cute Halloween Nail Designs, Orange and Black

💀Highlights worth a try:
• Halloween orange and black interspersed in nail polish strips.
• Abstract cute skulls, pumpkin smiley faces, bats and cobwebs designs in nail strips.
• It's classic orange and black Halloween nails design!


03. Wholesale Halloween Nails ODM Nail Strips, Golden Pumpkins And Black Cats

💀Highlights worth a try:

• Stylish black and gold for an eye-catching look.
• Gold glitter stripes and black cat silhouettes design reflected in the glitter, stylish and elegant comes to life.
• The pumpkin smiley face unifies the overall harmony. It's fabulous! Stylish & elegant Halloween nail polish strips.


04. Wholesale Halloween Nails, Orange and Black Halloween Nails

💀Highlights worth a try:

•  Beautiful glitter as the primary tone throughout the piece.
•  A gradient of orange naturally shifts to the Halloween symbols of pumpkin smiley faces, weird ghosts, black castles, tombstones and cobwebs.
•  All the Halloween ideas come together in this nail strip design. Not sure what to try, try this Halloween nails!


05. Wholesale & Custom Halloween Nail Designs, Purple Halloween Nails


💀Highlights worth a try:

• Elegant purple and bright sky blue brighten up the whole design.
• Warm yellow skulls are dotted on the nail strips, bats and leaves are laid across nail polish strips.
• Unique and creative Art Halloween nails!


06. Custom Cute Halloween Nails, Flowers and Skulls Nails

💀Highlights worth a try:

• The lovely simple white skull and bones are the highlight of this design.
• Bright little flowers as an accent, so cute and charming.
• Skull and bones fans, don't miss it!


 07. Custom Glitter Nails Halloween Nail Designs, Black Skulls

💀Highlights worth a try:

•  Halloween black as the base colour for the nail design.
•  Bright candy-coloured glitter skulls, bones and stars, it's special design that shines like no other.
•  Not to be missed if you like a special design!


08. Bulk Glow In The Dark Nails Halloween Nails, Finger Bones

💀Highlights worth a try:

•  Unique minimalist finger bone design.
•  Distinctive black and white color for easy visibility.
•  Most uniquely, the white finger bone glows in the dark! It's a glow-in-the-dark Halloween nails design.


09. Bulk Glow In The Dark Nails, Halloween Nails, Black Skeletons

💀Highlights worth a try:

•  The white grid is the basis of the whole design
•  Black skull laid over nail polish strips
•  It's also glow-in-the-dark, the skull glows in the dark. It's an attractive nail art design.


HUIZI nail suppliers & manufacturers with high quality and wide nail design options, support all kinds of businesses involved in the nail industry.

  • nail salon owners
  • wholesale & distributors
  • nail retail store
  • online nail store
  • nail small business

We support wholesale nail wraps — Easy bulk buy nail supplies.
Including gel nail wraps, nail polish strips, semi-cured gel nail strips, nail stickers, nail decals as well as season & holiday nails, such as summer beach nails, fall nails, Halloween nails, Christmas nails, and more new nail designs.

👇Points you care about

MOQ of wholesale nail art: 300pcs. It depends on the nail designs, contact us to learn more information.

Shipping method: By fast Air.

Sample & Test products: Available, ready to ship.

We support custom nail wraps — Handy personalized custom nail art ideas and designs.

It works that design graphic by our designer as well as can send your own design directly. It all depends on you, we all support you.

a.Customized nail art based on different nail art series (nail strips):  

16 Strips (ZB Series) — Supply 16 strips of ZB series nail polish strips, nail wraps, finger nail wraps strips.16 strips of self-adhesive and long-lasting color nail wraps. Support custom & private label 16 nails with solid color wraps, french tips nail polish wrap, nail art wraps.


20 Strips (LC Series) — Supply wholesale & custom & private label  20 stips nails of LC series. Inclued 20 strips french tip nail strips, 20 strip nail art strips, 20 strip nail stickers with glitter nails, etc.

20 Strips (JK Series) — Supply 20 strips self-adhesive nail strips, nail stickers, nail wraps of JK series. Handy wholesale various nail stickers with french tips, pink nail stickers, pearl nails. Custom hot sale holiday nail stickers, glitter nail stickers, nail salon stickers and nail spa stickers.


22 Strips (JK Series) — Supply 22 strips nail stickers of nail stickers JK series. Fit for nail stickers wholesale & custom art nail & private label stickers. It collects glitter nail sticker, nail art polish stickers, high quality solid color nail stickers, stylish nail, french tip nail strips and hot holiday nail stickers.


 — Supply kids nail stickers collection, best options for wholesale kids nail polish strips custom nail art strips with glitter nails, solid color, pearl nails, white nails, christmas nails, etc.



b.Customized nail art based on different nail ingredients:

Gel nail wraps (semi-cured gel nail polish) — It's made of 100% real gel. Easy to apply & get the Perfect Manicure. The obvious feature is that once applied to the finger needs a cure for 60 seconds for strong and glossy nail art.

Nail polish strips — It's made of polish. Nail polish strips with vibrant colors and variable design styles.

c.Customized nail art based on different effects:

01. Solid Color Nails — It's a collection of solid color designs in nail art designs. Collects popular pink nails, purple nails, Transparent color nails, and so on.
02. French Nails — It's a collection of french style designs nail art designs.
03. Metallic Nails  —  It's a collection of metallic & sequins designs in nail art designs.
04. Glitter Nails — The collection of glitter designs in nail art designs.
05. Pearl Nails  — The collection of pearl designs effect nail art designs.
06. Art Design Nails — It's a collection of art graphics designs in nail art designs. Included flowers, leaves, animals, cartoon characters, abstract graphics, and more art design.
07. Glow-in-the-dark nails —  It's a collection of glow-in-the-dark in nail art designs. Glow in the dark, it's eye-catching.


We support private label nail supplies in your logo — It’s available to add personalize for the packaging. Also support designed by you, made by global service nail manufacturer company.

Help you build your own brand, and earn the trust of your customers to enhance your reputation. Spread the value of your brand ahead of others. High-quality printing and powerful mass production. No hidden costs. 

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