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Omni-solution custom nail designs solutions

Custom Nail Designs X Private Label Nail Supplies

✓ Custom nail wraps, custom semi cured gel nails, custom nail stickers, custom nail polish strips
✓ Custom nail designs in colors, patterns, effects, and shapes
✓ Custom nail glitter powder, custom metallic nails, custom solid color nails, custom french nails
✓ Custom seasonal & holiday nails, Christmas nail designs, custom Halloween nails, custom Valentine's nail wraps
✓ Custom nail art package design

Create Your Own Custom Nail Designs

Get Ahead Of in Nail Market

✔️ Custom unique nail wraps designs to reach consumers first.

✔️ HUIZI custom nail wraps manufacturer supports custom nail patterns, and multiple color Pantone colors & CMYK color mode.

✔️ Powerful produce your custom nails by custom nail wraps manufacturer who has 12 years experience of in custom nail manufacture.

✔️ Automated production line with high quality printing and printing equipment.

✔️ Ultra-fast air transport makes you catch ahead of the nail market.

Want Private Label? All in one!
Multi Options Private Label Nail Supplies

✔️ Private label nail wraps
✔️ Private label nail polish strips
✔️ Private label gel nails UV lamp
✔️ Private label nail files

Huizi nail wraps manufacturer is also private label nail strips supplier, helps you build your own brand with ease. Brand your nail strips, to earn the trust of your customers.

How to Make Custom Nail Design Orders? Easy Steps

STEP 1 Contact Us

Contact us with your ideas. We will discuss the design details and production with you.

STEP 2 Decide the Nail Scope

You can first decide your custom nail design's scope and target group. Suitable for adults or children, fingernails or toenails.

STEP 3 Your Graphic Design

Prepare Your unique and creative design for your nails. No professional graphics person? Leave it to us!

HUIZI Pantone color cards & CMYK color mode

STEP 4 We Design & Produce

Use industry-specific Pantone color and CMYK color to match the design effect. Fast produce and deliver for you.

Custom Nail Design in Easy Steps

Make Your Own Nail Wraps in Nail Market

Step 1 - Contact us with your custom needs, the custom nail scope
Our nail stickers can be designed for the finger nails and toe nails. Suitable for adults and children. In this step, you can first decide the scope of your custom nail design and the target group.

◒Step 2 - Prepare your intended graphic design
Prepare a custom graphic design for your nails. Your unique and creative design.

If you do not have a graphics person handy, leave it to us! We have professional graphics person assist you to make your own nails design.

◒Step 3 - Specify the color mode
Usually we use industry specific Pantone color cards and CMYK color mode to define colors. A common color pattern makes the custom final product match the idea and multiplies the design effect.

◒Step 4 - Design & Produce by custom nail wraps manufacturer
HUIZI nail strips supplier & custom nail wraps manufacturer with 12 years of specializing in wholesale supply and custom manufacture. Produce and supply top-quality nail strips, gel nail wraps, semi-cured gel nail strips, nail stickers, etc nail supplies.

No Graphic Design Person?

If you do not have a graphics person handy, we will gladly assist you in creating and positioning your custom design to you.

Create Your Own Brand with Ease?

Let's into Private Label

HUIZI private label line is designed to help you build your own brand, earn the trust of your customers and spread the value of your brand ahead of others.

◒Step 1 Select Product
Choose from all nail supply. If you have any questions during the selection process, please feel free to contact us, we will help you and assit you in making your decision.

◒Step 2 Prepare Your Brand Messages
A gentle reminder, you only need to prepare your brand logo, slogan, graphic design, or any brand message in advance.

◒Step 3 Contact Us and Get a Free Quote
Get in touch with our support team, we will discuss all details with you, and you will get a free quote. Then leave the rest to us.

Three Steps to Get Your Own Private Label

Step 1 Select Product

Choose from all nail supply on site-wide

Step 2 Prepare Your Brand Messages

Your brand logo, slogan, graphic design, or any brand message want to show

Step 3 Contact Us

We will discuss all details with you, and you will get a free quote

Testimonials From Real Loyal Clients

Testimonials from HUIZI nail wraps manufacturer loyal clients C.E.O of Sticky Fingers Nail Wraps
We simply love working with Chris and HUIZI the experience has been amazing. We have created some beautiful custom designs and had fun along with way. Look at some of our amazing "Nailfies" from some of customers, from both HUIZI stock designs and our amazing customs designs.
LaTonya Johnson, C.E.O of Sticky Fingers Nail Wraps
HUIZI Cosmetics was and still are helpful and well-disposed. Regular product development, new designs, different sizes wraps – possibilities are huge and that is helping me to grow as business also.
I also like marketing materials they offer - information about wraps, new design alerts, holiday designs, videos about manufacturing, images etc. This is really helping me to build trust among my customers.
Riin Aas
The nail polish wraps are fast and easy to apply, last much longer than regular nail polish, require no drying time and are a breeze to remove. The best part's that customers do not need to be able to spend hours to make beautiful nail art.
The representatives at HUIZI are kind, honest and responsive. We have gotten to know one another over the years and it's my pleasure to work with such wonderful people.