HUIZI Nails Assist in Nails Lover Build Her Manicure Business
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Huizi nail wraps manufacturer helps women nail lovers custom nail designs to build her nail business

HUIZI Nails Assist in Nails Lover Build Her Manicure Business

I love nail wraps very much, said Riin Aas from Estonia, who started her own nail business and created her own nail brand.

HUIZI nail wraps manufacturer is not only a nail wraps manufacturer but as well a company that is dedicated to servicing nail business owners and making top-quality nail products. Let's go into Riin Aas's wonderful start-up nail business experience.

After discovering nail polish wraps for myself, I was charmed. It was just my kind of beauty service. It can apply at home, and it does not need any additional resources, like UV lamp. Application is quick and it lasts–oh wow…even 10-14 days. I also had a problem with nail-biting, but for some reason, this is not a problem if the nails are polished, covered with gel polish, or with gel nails.

 Riin Aas showes her nail wraps to the host and share her start-up experince

After some time of personal use, I thought why not start my own brand/webshop and start selling these in my home country? It was totally new beauty product line in Estonia. The timing was perfect because at the same time I looked for a new job/business line for me to concentrate. I was working as a freelancer, creating websites and webpages, and offering some level of internet marketing –so the starting point of starting a new e-commerce business was quite good.

The first and most important step was to find a partner for nail product manufacturing. My luck was to get connected with Huizi Cosmetics which is a professional nail wraps manufacturer. Huizi nails was the first to answer me when I started to look for partners in nail polish wraps.

Since I was a small business owner and started the new business line, it was important to me not to make the extra high investments – I had absolutely no idea how women will adopt nail polish stickers. Luckily, Huizi Cosmetics was and still is helpful and well-disposed. Regular nail product development, new designs, different sizes wraps – possibilities are huge and that is helping me to grow as a business also.

I also like the marketing materials Huizi nails offer - information about nail wraps, new design alerts, holiday designs, videos about manufacturing, images, etc. This is really helping me to build trust among my customers.

My webstore has been open little over a year. From that time, I have processed more than 3000 orders. I have gained a solid loyal customer base and my webstore is growing month-to-month. Now next step is to conquer Europe.

Today, my shop offers monthly new designs and have constantly more than 100 different styles in the store.

Every day I'm quite amazed about how well Estonian women have accepted nail polish wraps. I receive good feedback daily. I offer my customers a 100% money-back guarantee and about 5 people have requested it.

Finally, Riin Aas said it's quite easy to achieve success if your partner is trustworthy.

As for Huizi nail wraps manufacturer, Huizi nail wraps also always believes in this and is committed to providing reliable quality nail products and services. A one-stop solution for nail wraps wholesale, custom nail designs for custom nail wraps wholesale, pearls designs, and private label nail strips for nail enthusiasts around the world.

Huizi nail wraps is delighted to help every small nail business owner start their business. For everyone better to start own nail business, saving more time to keep attracting customers.

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