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Huizi Gel Nail Wraps: Broke nail beauty game, Redefine nail art fashion for Custom Nail Wraps Wholesale

Gel Nail Wraps: Broke Nail Beauty Game, Redefine Nail Art Fashion

If you are interested in beauty and wellness, are a lifestyle lover, or are a nail art lover, you would be familiar with gel nail wraps. If you are in the manicure business, you must be no more than familiar with nail stickers, nail polish strips, gel nail wraps, semi-cured gel nail strips, nail polish wraps, and so on.

Why do gel nail wraps stand out from the others? Today, let's dive into gel nail wraps.

What exactly are Gel Nail Wraps?

Gel Nail Wraps are also called semi-cured gel nail strips. Popular around the world, gel nail strips are basically like stickers on your nails, but on steroids - they're made of actual gel that you apply on your nails and then cure with a UV light. It seems to be something similar to gel nail polish, but easier to apply and lasts even longer than gel. You can expect gel nail wrap mani to last up to two weeks before you see any sign of chipping or peeling.

Here's a key part: Unlike traditional gels or acrylics, these don't do any damage to your natural nails underneath. It broke the nail beauty game, redefine nail art fashion.
An excellent alternative to gel polish - gel nail wraps (semi-cured gel nail strips). Gel nail wraps have been the newest trend in gel nails.

Wholesale Semi Cured Gel Nails Custom Nail Designs Supplier, Pure Transparent


Why is it Popular Among Beauty Lovers and Fashionistas? Must Have Its Charms.

  • Super Versatile

As gel nail wraps are made of 100% real gel, they can be used on both natural and artificial nails. They come in a huge range of colors and finishes -from matte black to sparkly pinks to chrome silver, so you can experiment with different looks until you find the one that's perfect for you.

HUIZI gel nail wraps

  • Easy to Apply & Get the Perfect Manicure

Gel nail wraps are super easy and quick to apply to nails. There are no brushes or polishes involved, so there's no room for error when applying the product. All you do is pick the size that fits your nails the best, press it on and file down the excess sticker part with a nail file. That's done!

  • Stay on for a Long Time

They are different from traditional gel polish products. The best part about gel nail strips is that they dry instantly and last. No mess, with no damage.

  • Save Time and Money

Gel Nail Wraps (semi-cured gel nail strips) is a great way to get salon-quality nails without having to go to a salon. They’re perfect for busy people who want to save time and money on getting their nails done, and can be a great way to try out new styles.

At home, any scene can freely get fashionable nail art. They’re affordable for anyone, and the designs are trendy and chic. Two in one, perfect!

Gel Nail Wraps are so hot in the nail market and among fashionistas. It's time to choose a reliable wholesale nail supplier and manufacture! Who is able to offer you new trend gel nail wrap designs and custom gel nail wraps in the nail business?

HUIZI - The global service nail supplies supplier & manufacturer. Here it's easy to wholesale various gel nail wraps, or customize any preferred design gel nail wraps!

HUIZI nails wraps ODM & Private Label
  • R&D Team is focused on new technology & nail designs.

Unique and fashionable nail sticker technology, such as glitter, 3D, glow, french tip, transparent, luminous, pearl, etc. All are applied to new nail designs. More than thousands of new nail designs are presented every month.

Wholesale Semi Cured Gel Nails Custom Nail Designs Supplier, Glitter, Golden Shine


Since 2018, relying on super high sensitivity and professionalism in the nail beauty field, we began devoted to gel nail polish strips, which are also named semi-cured gel nail strips. After efforts, In September 2019. Gel Nail Wraps (Semi cured gel nail strips) - NG series come into the market.

Wholesale Semi Cured Gel Nails Custom Nail Designs Supplier, French, Blue Hot Stamping


  • HUIZI Gel nail wraps are safe and non-toxic, eco-friendly.

The ingredients are 100% real gel. We passed ISO9001 quality system certification, SGS certification, and FDA certification, and are in line with the United States and the European Union global cosmetics standards. Also, we are concerned about every nail art lover's original nail surface, use medical degree glue on the bottom layer. Better care for your natural nail health.

HUIZI Certifications of BSCI, ISO9001, SGS, FDA


  • Gel nail wrap designs perfectly fit the nail.

That's because we introduce Japanese precision equipment cutting. When using, you adjust and polish the shape of nail strips as you like. Easy to try different nail used parts and styles.

 Wholesale Semi Cured Gel Nails Custom Nail Designs Supplier, Solid, Rainbow


They not only combine the gloss and quality of nail polish as well as apply them in a short time, and remove it easily. It's convenient for nail art lovers to use anytime, anywhere.

👇Contact us! View more than 5000 nail designs and get samples. Here, we'd be honored to boost your nail art business!