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Bọc Móng Gel

What is the unique of Huizi semi cured gel nail wraps (SG nail wraps)?

Applied the latest invention patent, has a breakthrough effect on gel nail wraps. (Patent No.: US 11,533,977B)
  • New materials and ratios are used to obtain new UV heat-set materials, which can be cured by heat or UV light curing, with fast curing speed and high curing efficiency.
  • The unique raw materials and their ratios improve the viscosity embodied in the combination, so the cured nail stickers' toughness, hardness, and weather resistance are improved.

👉Huizi gel nail strips/semi cured gel nail wraps (SCG nail wraps) cured film has

  1. High hardness and gloss
  2. Good heat resistance
  3. Less wrinkling at the edges
  4. High-adhesive


Nail strips
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